Tips to Make a Handmade Dream Catcher Posted on 23 Dec 09:45 , 0 comments

You can make a dream catcher by hand by using several items that you like and personalize it to make it your own and meet your requirements. Dream catchers come in several different designs and colors to choose from and you can always find the one that suits your need and taste.

However, making your own dream catcher will be so much more interesting since it means that you can display your dream catcher in your bedroom reminding you about how fun and interesting it is to make a dream catcher. Before even you make a dream catcher, you need to know the types of dream catchers so that you will have an idea about what kind of dream catchers you will make.

The most interesting type of dream catchers can be the big one, the one include five tiers that can be used to filter your dreams. This kind of dream catchers might be hard to make since you need more time to finish the five tiers of the dream catchers. However, once it is finished, you will be really satisfied when you have it hung in your bedroom window. This can be decorated with feathers, as the most common decoration for dream catchers. This can be a good option for you to make if you are crafty enough.

For a smaller handmade dream catcher that you can make, you can choose the one with one tier and decorated with feathers and sequins. The feathers that you use do not have to be white, but you can also use other feather colors such as pink and blue to make your dream catchers more interesting. You can actually make a big one, but with just one tier if you prefer something bigger than this. A big dream catcher can be made with simple decorations to emphasize the big size of the dream catchers.

For those who love adding more decorations to their dream catchers, you can make a big one decorated with some smaller tiers below the biggest one and add some feathers to make it more interesting. You can use beads for the center of the tier to make it different. The beads can be suited with your style and your bedroom decoration. This can be an interesting and fun project you can do. Now you have many options to make a handmade dream catcher giving you the opportunity to decorate your bedroom with a one-of-a-kind dream catcher.

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