egig brand vision

egig jewelry design Jewelry design by egig

Jewelry design by egig

 Our concept is simple, enjoy your jewelry items anywhere and whenever you want! For, what is jewelry for if not to be worn and enjoyed by both men and women alike?

 We employ ourselves to bring you the best and cleanest designs possible at all times. We aim to please and we vow to wow your friends with our designs!

 What makes egig brand unique? What makes our brand successful?

 Our success relies on three rules from which we shall never deviate:

      1.Designed to please, tailored to last.

            We understand that once you bought a piece from us , a bracelet or a necklace , or maybe a bangle  you will want to keep it on for as long as possible; therefore, we design every single one of our products to last and to be able to follow you through your daily life regardless of how rowdy it may be! Whether you live a citadine life or an extreme one, egig products shall be with you, always!

  1. A comfortable and ergonomic design.

            Since we design our products to be following you wherever you go, they need to be comfortable and easy on the body.

  1. A unique and always trendy design.

            Following a trend is easy. At egig we don't follow trends, we establish them! We set them so that you shall always be at the vanguard of fashion, so that you shall always be your friends' trend setter!

Have you ever thought about the creative process behind a piece of egig jewelry?

The traditional approach in jewellery is to first check on the availability of raw material in the market. Whether you are talking about silver beads, feathers or other leather strings if you can't find them the competition won't go at it.

We, at egig, process things backwards! Gig, the founder and designer, first designs the pieces and then decides whether or not we need to create a brand new type of beads, research specific type of material etc. Through our decade long experience as manufacturer we have woven strong ties with other industry leaders allowing us to access the best material at the best possible prices!

Once the design has been decided, and the material requirements have been cleared, we process to the master piece making!

The master piece is going to be the first and most important piece of the collection! Gig makes them herself and, as it is customary for any jewelry company, uses it as a reference for coming pieces to be measured against.

The master making process is usually an amusing moment for us in the company as it is the moment where the full blow of Gig's creativity is revealed. You can follow these happy and fun moments on our Instagram account (#egigbrand) and see the ocean of color’s we are swimming into to bring you the best of fashion, the best of jewellery.

Last but not least, is the test part of our very products. We test our goods with some of our friends, friends we know to be rowdy to begin with, friends we know to be active, friends we know will push the products to the limit! If the good resist and the overall feedback is positive, we launch the product and release it for your enjoyment but if it fails, it's back to the drawing boards and we modify the goods to make sure they are perfect for you to shine