Long Silver necklace


Long silver necklace with a Owl Pendant 

The necklace have a spacial silver pendant that is actually is a silver made whistle ( yes, the whistle actually works ... ) .The whistle shaped as an owl and have marcasite stone setting on it . 

On top of the silver pendant there is a silver bead that looks like a spider that have a black spinal setting on the center of it . 

The Pendant is - 4 c"m long and 1.5 c"m wide  

The silver bead size - 1.5 c"m long and 1 c"m wide 

The necklace is 70 CM Long ( 28 inch ) 

The necklace will look great on you if you go with a long dress or just a black t-shirt , spacial even or casual day work 

Either way you will never be board wearing it :) 





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